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Filled a void in the sawmill industry

UJ Trading was established in 1983 to fulfill a need for a specialist company to supply used sawmill equipment.

Rebuilt used sawmills presents the sensible and economic alternative to the heavy investment required for entirely new machines. A mixture of new and good second hand machines also often proves to be a good solution.


Represents producers of new machinery

Aside from their own, rebuilt machinery UJ Trading is selling high capacity shredders for many different applications. The HBS bark hog and UNTHA wood shredders are among the world leading brands.


UJ Trading owns the manufacturing rights and worldwide sales rights of HBS products.

UJ Trading represents UNTHA in Sweden.


The company exports good standard machines for the sawmill industry all over the world. In the export sales UJ Trading uses not only their own expertise in machines, but also the experience and knowledge from the Moelven Group on how to use the machines and choose the right machines for each purpose.


Always used machinery in stock
Office and storage is located in Gusselby, Sweden, about two and a half hours from Stockholm. The storage is always packed with used sawmills, complete lines and single machines - not only for sawmill industry, but also secondary processing machinery, i.e. planning machines and finger jointing.


Contact UJ Trading with your specific requirements in sawmill equipment.


UJ Trading
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