Log sorting line 40 pockets

Complete log sorting line with 40 pockets (8 single and 16 dubble)  from IPAB type 4000

1.     Log deck 
2.     Scraper conveyor under log deck for cleaning
3.     Log crane.
4.     Step feeder in two parts.
5.     Log haul conveyor.
6.     Metal detector Medetec
7.     3 D scanner Milltech.
8.     Log haul with kick of
9.     Cross conveyor with dogs.
10.   Scraper conveyor for cleaning under cross conveyor with docs.
11.   Sorting conveyor with 8 bins kick off stations to the left and 32 double sided bins with kick off right and left. IPAB type KSAB 4000
12.   All to the line belonging electronics , electrics, hydraulic equipment operator chair.

The line is equipped with frequency control for feed speed.
Feed speed up to 75 – 80 m/min
The sorting can sort 6,5 m long logs
Seimens S7 control system.