Resaw line Waco/Jonab

Full Resaw line from intake to planer infeed. Waco BK-E Twin

Infeed chain 1
Infeed chain 2
Roller conveyor 1 for shifting out packages
     Roller conveyor 2 for shifting out packages
     Outfeed chain 1
     Outfeed chain 2
Stick separation incl belt
Side transfer with one piece feeder and turner
Drop gate
Side transfer with one piece feeder to resaw belt or to planer infeed
Belt conveyor to resaw
Centering infeed resaw
Waco BK-E Twin
Outfeed with lift
Side transfer with buffering stop
Belt conveyor
Side shifting with bord separation
Belt transfer
Planer power infeed. 200 m/min
All electric cabinet, cables and hydraulic units.