Combi Sorter with trimmer, 50 bins and stacker

Length out 2.4-6.0 m
Kiln package size 1.5 x 1.5 m
Speed approx. 60 lugs per minute

Consisting of:
Package deck
Tilt hoist
Stick separation, stick collection
Cross feeders
Even ending rollers with moving fence
Even ending rollers with moving fence
Single piece feeders, one ea. Almab 2015
Sorting places, two ea.
Lug conveyor
Moisture meter
Thickness, width- and length scanning
Trimmer, 3 + 13 saws, 4 kW each, 2013
Even ending rollers
J-bar conveyor
50 hydraulic bins
Bottom conveyors
Double unscrambler
Roll bars, cross feeder
Single piece feeder
Lug chain, even ending of two ends for kiln packages
Marking equipment
Stick cassettes
Wrapping station
Press with strapping system
Roller conveyors
Package cross feeder
Sawco control system complete from 2009-2010.
Operator panels and control seats
Building size approx. 10 m x 108 m