Heavy Duty Planer line with 8 tray sorter, stacker and mini bundling

Springer Austria, year 2001. Not used since 2011.
Infeed package size max. W=1.7 m, H=3.0 m, L=6.1 m
Finished package size W=0.5-1.2 m, H=0.6-1.2 m, L=1.8-6.1 m
Speed up to 140 lugs per minute or 350 m/min in planer line

Consisting of:
Package deck, 5 chains
Tilt hoist, 5 arms
Stick separation, stick collection, stick belt
Cross feeder, 6 chains
Even ending rollers with live fence
Cross feeder, 4 chains
Unscrambler with by-pass chains
Even ending rollers with live fence
Cross feeder, 5 chains
Cross feeder, 6 chains, lug loader
Lug conveyor with fixed but manually adjustable trim saw, scanners Microtec Variosort
Butt end trim saw table – missing
Belts under trimmer; for trim ends, for rejects, for offcuts
Planer infeed – missing
Planer by-pass belts
Planer infeed feeder section
Planer - missing
Planer outfeed belts, ink marking station, by-pass belts, slow down belts
Landing deck with roof-top chains
Curve conveyor
Accumulation conveyor, grading station 1, board turners, grading station 2, even ending
Accumulation conveyor
Cross feeder, 6 chains, lug loader
Lugged scan conveyor, Microtec Variosort scanners, even ending
Distribution conveyor to tray sorter, inclined
Trays, 8 ea., length 45-50 m
Tray outfeed to stacker, even ending
Layer conveyor, stacker forks, double package hoist
Stick placer cassettes 4 ea. for sticks 60 x 10 mm sticks
Package cross feeder
Mini bundling lines (min 80 x 80 mm, max 200 x 200 mm) with 6 ea. Mosca strappers
Microtec control system complete, incl. VFD’s.
Operator panels.
Can also be sold divided in following parts:
1)      Destacking and infeed (suitable for planer mil or dry sorter)
2)      Planer line (mechanization primarily after high speed planer line)
3)      Tray sorter with stacker
4)      Mini bundling line