HewSaw R200 Incl. infeed

The machine is in good condition and it’s the upgraded version. Motor sizes are total 585 kW, cutter head motors are 2x90 kW and 2x75 kW, ripping-saw motor 2x110 kW.

The infeed is a special version that takes both logs and blocks.

Grinding machine, electric cabinet, spare parts, several knifes and saw blades included.

Processing method in one action is a flexible and profitable concept

when cutting small diameter logs. The flexible sawing in combination with
the low running costs provide the most profitable system for less logs.


Raw materials
Top diameter 80 - 250 mm
Log length 2,4 - 6 m


Finished products
Width 70 - 200 mm
Height 60 - 225 mm
Chip length 20 - 30 mm (adjustable)