Hammer mill Fransson (Andritz) HK45 V2

Processing line for conversion of shavings to wood dust for pelletizing or particle board manufacturing
Consisting of:
Scraper conveyor 36 m x 600 mm, bringing shavings to the hammer mill and taking wood dust to bin
Screw conveyor Engebe 480/530-U, 5.5 kW, length 3.6 m
Hammer mill / Fine grinder Fransson HK45 V2, 200 kW
Blower pipe
Rotary valve Moldow RP-9, 1.5 kW
JKF fan system JK 25 D, 4 kW
Electric control cabinet
Hammer mill Fransson (Andritz) HK45 V2:
For milling of different types such as wet or green wood chips, bark, paper and similar materials.
Granularity 1-20 mm.
Capacity approx. 3-5 tons per hour.